Opportunity The days of the road warrior and face to face sales are over. With the technology available today you can contact clients and close sales over the internet from the comfort of your own home. No more fighting rush hour traffic. No more fighting bad weather, No more frustrating stand ups from people who donít value your time. No more buying unpredictable leads from unscrupulous telemarketing companies. No more gasoline, dry cleaning, eating out, hotel or travel expense.

You can build your own business from the comfort of your own home office with the minimal investment of an Insurance License and the cost of leads.

Five Keys to a Rewarding Career:
  • Established and Respected Company
  • Strong & Growing Market
  • Industry Leading Compensation
  • Wealth Accumulation - Stock Ownership Plan
  • Management Opportunity Based on Merit

Income Opportunities:
  • Advances Paid by EFT Weekly on Future Commissions
  • As Earned Commissions Also Available
  • $100,000 Bonus Pools Each Month Pays Top 60 Producers
  • Quarterly Association Bonus
  • Renewals beginning as early as month seven
  • Company Stock Program with 100% Matching
  • 4 Year Vesting
  • $175,000+ Annual Income With Three Average Weekly Sales

Individual Products We Offer:
  • Comprehensive Health Insurance
  • Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance
  • Critical Illness
  • Life Insurance
  • Short Term Disability
  • Accidental Injury
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Association Group Benefits

What You Need to Get Started:
  • Insurance License: Health, Accident & Life
  • Work Multiple States With a Non Resident License
  • E&O Professional Liability Coverage (Provided Through Company)
  • Functional Home Office
  • Computer (Laptop or Desktop)
  • Our Automated Online CRM and Dialing System
  • USB Headset
  • High Speed Internet Connection
  • Desire to Succeed With a Winning Attitude

What We Provide for You:
  • A Proven System of Sales Success
  • Access to Proven Telemarketing Lead Sources
  • 250+ Years of Experience in Sales & Management
  • Guidance with Obtaining a License if Needed
  • Turn Key Training Program ALL ONLINE
  • Product and Sales Training Webinars
  • Company Supported Websites
  • Online Commission Statements and Full Accounting
  • The Industries Top Compensation Program

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Company Company Our award winning company has been around over 50 years and has over 1.4 Trillion in assets. Your management team possess 250+ years of collective experience working with small to medium size business owners whose address is Main Street America.

We have been successful year in and year out regardless of the state of our economy because we know, and because we get it! We have adapted to the changes brought by our Government!

We get that our economy has been built on the backs of all the Mom and Pop business owners throughout this great country and our company exists to help them find quality insurance products that relieve the pain of the increased cost and changes in healthcare that affect them, especially during this time of economic downturn.

We offer much needed help for small businesses in a way that is affordable for the employer or employee and their dependents. We have thousands of satisfied customers nationwide.

A Life, Health & Accident license is required to join our national sales force. I can help guide you through the licensing process if you are not currently licensed.

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Training Our training program is completely turnkey. In todayís market place only the sales professional with the knowledge of how the healthcare system works will survive. Using cutting edge technology we have the training and information to help you become successful in this lucrative industry from the comfort of your home. In 2011 there are now half as many agents selling to three times as many customers as there were two years ago.

Using state of the art training methods all of your sales and product training is available online. No need to travel somewhere for training or boring sales meetings. The "Representatives" tab is password protected and contains training information and tutorials for your use 24/7/365. We do two one hour training and coaching webinars Monday through Thursday and a corporate meeting on Friday. Each representative will have a mentor that will help you through the training process and be there for any help needed by phone, online chat or text.

We train complete powerpoint presentations for use in making the sales process easy and very understandable for the client while keeping you on point and giving the right information. Color brochures for email campaigns and personalized websites and quoting software for our representatives are made available free of charge. The products we market are available by e-app for sales online. This eliminates the need for face to face sales.

Teaching you to use state of the art Auto Dialing and CRM software is the back bone of the process. The software turns your office into a phone sales center. The system allows automatic dialing from your computer with on screen note taking capabilities that speeds up the process and keeps you organized for appointment call backs.

We will train you how to use our turn key program to work effectively and earn an above average living. We mentor you how to be successful with no travel from the comfort of your home.

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